Jon Sladek

Business Broker


Jon Sladek

Cell: (319) 329-4359

Phone: (319) 294-1904

101 3rd Ave. SW, Suite 215

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

My name is Jon Sladek and I love growing businesses and developing successful teams.

I’m a seasoned machinery & equipment appraiser, restaurant consultant, digital executive, leader and strategist. I’ve spent years working and learning from the best in hotels, breweries, wineries, coffee shops, bakeries, and cocktail bars. An extensive background in hospitality has made me an expert in the industry.

Digital marketing strategy, sales leadership, team building, strategic relationship management, public relations and product management in both small and large companies separate me from the masses. A diverse background gives me the unique ability to manage multi-discipline projects and navigate complex challenges.

An untraditional education path beginning with a Marine Corps scholarship, into culinary arts, lead me to completing my appraisal certifications and opening my own small businesses. The combination allows me to see the perspective of the clients and business owners, from across the bar to behind the books.

I’m looking forward to helping you identify growth opportunities using relevant data to effectively and decisively execute on opportunities.